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Terry Ann Black, RN

Terry Ann Black has been a registered nurse for 47 years, during which time she worked with many people in times of crisis. She found that most families were unable to access the vital information needed when their loved one was ill or dying.

When Terry’s father-in-law died in an auto accident, she found a safe deposit box key in his apartment. The key had no identification as to where the box was located. She looked everywhere, tried everything…but never found the box. What might be inside it? Cash, gold, jewelry, collectibles? This experience led her to write her first edition of Caring is Not Enough in1992.  

As a commissioner for the Senior Services Commission of Lafayette, California, Terry works to enrich the lives of the elderly in her hometown.

Terry consults with people (online or via phone/email) who need help getting their affairs in order, and she has lectured across the country for many years about end-of-life issues.